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Indoor  Activities

Because it's March & Missouri, it loves to rain!

Build a fort with blankets and pillows

Host a fashion show to mix-and-match fun outfits

Plan an at-home spa day

Have a photo shoot throughout the house

Take a virtual cooking class

Start a family book club

 Science experiments for the whole family

Tye dye Tshirts.. or almost anything!

Window Painting

Paint Rocks to spread around town

Family Movie Night

Energetic Activities

 Get those wiggles out!

Set up an obstacle course (you can do this indoors or outdoors)

Throw a dance party with your family's favorite tunes

Learn classic yard games like Red Rover or Hopscotch

Go bowling outdoors; you simply need some bottles and a ball

Online exercise video

toddler yoga!

Host your own family Olympic games in the backyard

Play "floor is lava"

Gross Motor Ideas for Preschoolers

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