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The Ladybugs

Older 2's and 3 year olds

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Welcome to Our Room

Our living and learning environment is designed to meet the overall needs of young preschoolers and to facilitate their development through age-appropriate experiences. Due to the individuality of each child expectations vary; each child is challenged but not hurried. Lesson plans are individualized based on observations and goals for each child. 

Language Skills

  • Increase vocabulary, 3-5 word phrases

  • Identifies animals, simple objects and names friends in class

  • Participates in songs, nursery rhymes, finger plays

  • Looks at books and enjoys listening to stories

  • Expanding vocabulary with the use of plurals, pronouns and past tenses

  • Answers “Who” and “Where” questions


  • Verbally Counting 1-10

  • Comparing sizes and amounts, learning concepts such as big/small, short/tall, more/less

  • Identifying shapes and colors

  • Matching objects

  • Simple large peg puzzles

Social Emotional

  • Develop self-esteem through self-awareness and a positive self-image

  • Develop independence through learning how to care for oneself

  • Verbalize wants, needs and thoughts

  • Use of manners: please, thank you, I need help

  • Develops basic safety awareness skills

Fine motor

  • Lacing beads

  • Express creativity with the use variety of markers, paint brushes, and drawing materials

  • Draws a simple face, vertical and horizontal lines

  • Rolls, pounds and squeezes playdough

  • Builds tower with blocks

Body Coordination

  • Throws a small object with meaning

  • Catches a ball

  • Jumps with two feet

  • Claps and dances with music

  • Runs with coordination

  • Moves up and down stairs

Personal Skills

  • Identifies self as independent of others

  • Uses open drinking cup and spoon

  • Identifies body parts

  • Toilet training and gains independence in bathroom

  • Cleaning up classroom and respect for toys

  • Gaining independence with nose blowing and hand washing

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