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       Birth through very young 1 year olds

Welcome to our Infant Classroom! Here you will find teachers who are patient, kind, and loving for all the children in their care. Our focus in the health, safety, and development of each child and supporting their unique developmental needs.

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Welcome to Our Room

          The infant years are filled with many social, emotional, physical, cognitive and verbal achievements. Our infant room is dedicated to ensuring that not only your child’s needs are met in a stimulating and developmentally appropriate environment, but also to help parents embrace and treasure the many accomplishments that their infant will work on during the day by keeping an open door policy and communicating through our Daily Connect app with pictures, notes and sharing activities and milestones 

         In the infant room our daily activities are based on each little ones individual needs.  Play time, activities, meals and rest along with lots of cuddles are offered through out the day as they explore their environment. 

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