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Rainbow Unicorns

3 year olds & young 4 year olds

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Welcome to Our Class

                 The preschool classroom at Turn the Page Child development Center is the perfect place for your child to build the connections needed for healthy development and a successful future. We offer a research-based curriculum that can be customized to meet the individual developmental needs of each child. 

                 Our purpose is to build skills vital to success in kindergarten, gain respect for others, develop a strong sense of confidence and gain independence while encouraging experiences to develop critical thinkers and problem-solvers by engaging them in play-based learning activities that encourage creativity and education while having fun.  

*We are currently making a slow transition to using a curriculum that is being used by Columbia Public Schools to make the preschool to kindergarten smoother for everyone. Our preschool staff is attending and implementing High Scope Curriculum and this page will include more about that as we become more integrated in the practices in the very near future. 

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