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Play. Learn. Grow. 


Join our Preschool classroom as we send our graduates off to kindergarten! 

Our Rooms

Infants - birth until age one

Toddlers - ages one until two

Toddlers - ages one until two


Twos & Three year olds


Preschool - Three to Five year olds

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Our Approach

        We believe a child’s time at school should be an extension of their lives at home.  As childcare providers our purpose is to nurture the developing child and work with their families. Developing and maintaining an open stream of communication with our families is an important part of our program so that we as a team may best serve the developing child in our care. 

The goals of our program include: 

  • To create a community where the child and their family is valued and empowered.

  • To help children gain a sense of self, which is how children feel accepted and valued by the people most important to them.

  • To  empower children to take responsibility for self and others so that children develop habits and character traits that foster independence and self-direction.

  • To guide children to develop pro-social behavior that includes their ability to get along in the world and empathize with others.

What Parents Think

This is the best daycare I have ever used. My Child was here from 3 months old until he started school. I can't say enough great things about turn the page daycare. They are truly the best!

Tami Davison

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